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Christmas is here and with it some of the most striking events in the city of New York, the lighting of the Christmas trees in the main tourist sites. I'm going to give you a tour, so come and join me! Remember these events are free.

The first to illuminate your Christmas tree is the Rockefeller Center, covered with about 45,000 Led lights and crowned with a Swarovski star. The lighting ceremony marks the official beginning of Christmas in New York and for the lighting, there is always a gala programed that starts at 7 pm. If you are lucky to be in the capital of the world that day, do not hesitate to go to the event but a couple of hours before, in order to have a good spot or probably you will have to see the entire ceremony on giant screens installed in different points of the Rockefeller Center. The event is also broadcast live by NBC Today Show. Remember the lighting ceremony dates:

Wednesday, November 29 at 7:00 pm at Rockefeller Plaza at West 48th St & 51st St with 5th Ave. & Sixth Ave. For the other days, it is lit at 5:30 am until 11:30 at night and left on until January 7 of the following year. For more information visit http://goo.gl/MMO9S8

For November 30th I am prepared to attend to two similar events in the city and I want you to join me. The first one we have to arrive at approximately at 2:30 pm, when the New York Stock Exchange Tree begins to be lit. It is located in front of the famous building of the Stock Exchange. The lighting ceremony becomes an event and has the participation of world-renowned artists.

Remember at 4:00 pm the NYSE closes, because at 5:00 pm the lighting is done and at 6:00 the presentation finishes.


Before this time we are going to another similar and very busy event, the lighting of the Central Park tree. This event begins at 5:30 pm at the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center. You must enter the park through 110th St. and Fifth Ave. and Lenox Ave., I recommend you bring your own camera so you can have your photo with Santa Claus, the photo section is between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. There are also live demonstrations of how the ice is carved, carol singing, hot chocolate and cookies for the assistants, and at the end of the event the lighting of Harlem Meer trees. Remember this event is free and it is not necessary to register, they also provide stroller parking.

"December is here with its joy, month of party and fun", so begins a popular carol in my land. We will also go to the lighting of the Christmas Tree in my favorite park, the Bryant Park, which will also be decorated with more than 30.000 Christmas lights, and more than 3,500 more than 3,500 balls, ornaments, and garlands. The ceremony usually presents a theatrical production, I am told that the Olympic skaters will also be present. After the fireworks and the lighting of the tree that is installed in the eastern part of the park, next to the New York Public Library, anyone who wants to skate with live music on the only ice skating rink in the city, can do it for free. The tree lighting is scheduled for Friday, December 1rst at 6:00 pm. If you are in New York don't miss this event´, you will always remember it. Do not forget that also in this park you will find the famous Christmas market.

Continuing with my Christmas trees tour, on Saturday, December 2nd, I will go to Astoria Park, 19th St. and 23rd Ave., where between 2:00 and 5:00 pm the traditional Astoria Party will be celebrated. Let´s go with family and friends to enjoy at the Great Lawn in Astoria Park the Christmas tree lighting, an afternoon full of music, magic, trains and much more! .

Sunday, November 3rd will be a very Christmas holiday. First I invite you to come with me to Queens Botanical Garden where between Noon and 5:30 PM will be a program to enjoy with the whole family. Among other events, there will be live musicals, Christmas crafts, photographs with Santa, the Garden tour etc. For a better illustration this is the program:

12 to 4:30 p.m: photographs with Santa

12 to 5 p.m: Holiday Crafts for Free

1 to 3 p.m.: Wreaths and crowns workshop, registration required: swagandwreath.eventbrite.com

3 to 3:30 p.m.: The Rough Dozen Acapella Music – Free

4 to 4:30 p.m: The Rough Dozen Acapella Music – Free

5 to 5:30 p.m:  Carols and tree lighting -Free

Within the programming, we benefit those who need the most in this cold season in New York. If you have a sweater or a coat, take it, with great gratification they will receive it.

Once this event finishes, we will run to Park Avenue where they have scheduled for this Sunday, November 3rd from 6:30 pm, what has been a sixty years tradition, the lighting trees on Park Avenue, as a very special way to honor those men and women who died in World War II. I have heard that the illuminated trees in the shopping centers of Park Avenue between 54th and 97th streets are still a symbol of peace and a reminder of all the sacrifices made.

The Trees are traditionally lit on the first Sunday of December, after a ceremony outside Brick Presbyterian Church (Park Avenue & 91st Street).

After these events let's go home and rest because we still have more lighting Christmas trees presentations!

On Tuesday, December 5th, we will be partying, at the South Street Seaport, which is a very original shopping center in New York, located on the East River in Lower Manhattan with views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the city skyline. There will be a spectacular lights event, as never before seen, it will be a celebration that we can't miss; food, drink, and as if it wasn't enough, they will give hot wine and hot chocolate during the night and at the end we will participate in the raffle of two bicycles. Tickets are free, but they will run out fast, so make sure to reserve your spot. Everyone who attends will have a souvenir, including a brand name blanket (to keep you warm during this winter) and a Xyloband (so you can be part of the light show).

We hope to see you!


Tuesday, December 5th from 5:30 pm.

The party continues, on Wednesday, December 6th. We go to Washington Square Park, where at 6:00 pm the Christmas tree lighting is scheduled. It is the opportunity to sing Christmas carols in the City´s Historic Center Park. They tell us that the same Santa Claus has promised to appear with candy canes and guide the children in the lighting countdown. The tree will be on fire during the Christmas season between 4 pm and 1 am.

Another day and other tours of the New York Christmas lights……………

On Thursday, December 7th, we will go to Madison Square Park where we have a presentation between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m, tree lighting is at 4:55 p.m. Free seasonal activities, including performances by The Sweetback Sisters also, Audra Rox. The best is that there will be hot soup for the cold, we will see you there.

And to conclude this Christmas tour we will move on Saturday, December 9th to W. Harlem Piers Park located on 125th Street and Marginal Street in West Harlem Docks, to participate in family activities; we will drink hot chocolate, dance and be ready at 5:40 pm to witness the lighting of the Christmas. This program is between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

We hope you enjoy all these Christmas events, for more information visit www.descubriendony.com

Black Friday Is Here

Shopping day during Black Friday, is one of the most anticipated days of the year, not only for those who live in the United States but also for those who buy from other parts of the world.

This Friday, to start the Christmas shopping season, every big chain stores will take out all of their merchandise. They offer great discounts, promotions and we all go early in the morning, to take advantage and buy all of our cravings.

The local newspapers has a lot of Black Friday offers. The most important offers, are the coupon, used for greater savings.
If you buy online, the stores put out their discounts days before Thanksgiving.
You can also find the time and the location of the nearest store, for example:

Macy's: They open around 3:00 or 4:00 am and there will be already people in line! Very good offers.
Toys "R" Us in Times Square: Toys, toys and more toys
Abercrombie & Fitch: You must have something clear, there will be big lines!
The products are sold fast, so we advise you to put the alarm clock, in order to get there first, that way you can get the best deals and find the clothing sizes you want.

Untitled collage (11)

One last tip, if you make your purchases online, don’t forget to use your discount codes. Click on the register page, you will often see a box to enter a discount code or promotion, they are not so much used, but they can be a good sources of unexpected savings; from free delivery or immediate delivery at no extra cost, to additional savings of 25% or 50%

For those who are in New York, Woodbury Outlets has many shops in the form of houses. Find the most recognized brands, and instructions on how to get there in this link


Tanger Outlet on Long Island is another good alternative


Remember if you are not able to make your purchases the same Friday, usually these discounts last all weekend.


November in New York is one of the happiest months, with the most fun and entertaining events of all.

Starting on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Parade, where I prepare myself from 3pm to witness Macy’s Thanksgiving Eve Ballon Blow-Up, The protagonists of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade are the giant balloons flying over the heads of the participants. Testing and inflating balloons are similar to the parade. The inflating balloons protocol is made a day before the parade.

The entrance is on 79th Street and they start to inflate the balloons around 4:30 pm. Trials with the inflated balloons are made around the Museum of Natural History from Columbus Avenue to 77th Street, Central Park West and return to 81st street. To Get here ( take the train 1 or 2 trains to the 79th Street or the B, A or C trains to the 81st Street Museum of Natural History)

The balloons are usually for approximately four hours. Be prepared for a long wait. Lots of families with children choose to go early to get good spots for pictures while the balloons are tied to the ground by giant ropes.

I would recommend, if you’re going with family, bring snacks and water; Once you leave the viewing area, it will be very difficult to re-enter, it will take a good time due to the crowds.. and accept my advice for next year:

Get to know someone who lives on 81st Street or 77th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue so that you can watch the parade like a Prince.

Untitled collage (11)

It is a very fun event, at the end I’m a little bit tired, so I return to my apartment where I enjoy my pet and look forward for Thursday, the great Thanksgiving Day where most people in the United States, celebrate this holiday with family reunions at their homes or travel great distances to do so with distant family members. The traditional baked or roasted turkey is served with jelly or cranberry sauce. It also goes with vegetable dishes such as green beans, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes with gravy, a sauce made from the turkey’s juice.

They also usually prepare a variety of desserts, the pumpkin pie is the most popular. Meals are usually served with hot apple cider with spices or the sparkling fermented apple cider. In many homes, the first thing done is to say a Thanksgiving prayer for everything received.

pavoHummmm it’s morning, I even had nightmares thinking of today's dinner! I am getting ready for the Thanksgiving parade, sponsored by Macy's. It is a show with that lasts approximately three hours, involving floats, bands, choreography and famous personalities.

I'm looking for a good location, this parade starts at 9 am, at 77th Street and Central Park West. Go down to Columbus Circle, there is a spectacular view as the parade turn into Central Park South and take Sixth Avenue to 34th Street to get to Macy's.

I have been attending this event for several years and I like it more every year, so I will give you some recommendations:

1- One of the best locations is on Central Park South, from Columbus Circle to Sixth Avenue.

2- Keep warm because the temperatures can go down a lot and we’ll be a good time out in the open.

3- To get the best spots you have to arrive no later than 6:30 a.m. and hopefully bring a chair so you can wait, and when the parade goes by you can stand up on it.

4- If you go with children and they get bored, there is a playground in front of Tavern on the Green restaurant, between Central Park and 67th Street.​

July’s Events

Midsummer Night Festival


Location: Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center.
Date: Tuesday, June 28 to Saturday, July 9, 2016
Time: 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm. Dance Lessons
             7:30 pm. Dancing begins 10:00 pm.

Among the summer events in New York is the Dance Festival Midsummer Night, the favorite of dance lovers and those who want to learn or improve technique, the Festival is held outdoors every night between late June and the first half of July, at Lincoln Center, Damrosch Park – can reach suspended due to bad weather.

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New York Asian Film Festival


New York Asían Film Festival
Site: Film Society of Lincoln Center
Date: Tuesday, June 28 to Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Asian Film Festival New York is a multi-day event that features some of the best films made in the world of Asian cinema. Although most of the works on display come from East and Southeast Asia, the festival also showcases productions from India and Pakistan.

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Silleteros Parade, Flower Festival


Silleteros Parade, Flower Festival
Location: Queens Botanical Garden
Date: 9 July 10, 2016
Admission: Tickets can be found at the Botanical Garden

The Festival is held at the Queens Botanical Garden where you will enjoy music, folklore, and raffles among others. With various acts of craft work, primarily the saddles made with Colombian flowers as pompons, roses, Gerberas, the astronomies, carnations, daisies and hundreds of flowers born in Colombia. The Festival was created in 2010 with the primary purpose of spreading Colombian culture in New York.

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Opera in the Park


Opera in the Park
Dates:  June to September
Places: City Parks:

Central Park: Naumburg Band Shell, from the streets 66 to 72, free outdoor concerts, Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Washington Square Park: South of 5th Avenue free concerts of the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Inglesia Saint Joseph’s Church, 371 6th Avenue and Washington Place in Greenwich Village.

Parks Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, New York Philharmonic, offers free summer concerts, Sundays at 3 pm

Museum of Modern Art: Sculpture Patio, every Sunday during the month of July: jazz and classical music – for free. The doors open at 7 pm, concerts start at 8pm.

Harlem Meer Performance Festival: July every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. concerts of classical music and jazz every Tuesday July for free.

Park Central- Northern part: Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm from June to September the best jazz, blues, gospel and Latin jazz.

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July 4th Independence Day U.S.A.

On July 4 Independence Day of the United States is celebrated. American flags, multiply this day. Everything is tinged with blue, red and white. Nationwide concerts, parades, family reunions, baseball games, fireworks and lots of activities are organized.

In Coney Island holds the annual competition who eat as many hot dogs in female and male category organized by Nathan’s, the famous restaurant chain hot dogs and hamburgers since 1916, the event is quite popular, but without certainly more striking are the fireworks offered by Macy’s. Thousands of people gather in various strategic locations in the city to observe this spectacular light show.

Our advice:

East River, Fulton Street from 23rd Street to 42nd the best place to see this light is from the FDR Drive, South Street Seaport from the highest terraces in New York.

The games begin at 9 pm that, try to arrive early as possible in order to have a good view.

So if you plan to visit New York during the summer not miss this spectacular event so you can enjoy and feel the fires American patriotism. For more information visit this link.

June’s Events

Figment New York



Location: The Island Of The Governor
Date: From 3 to 5 June 2016

It is a festival held at Governors Island in every June, this event is organized to allow the public to interact with artists and is free. You can interact with the sculptures, minigolf a tree house, the pavilion of the city of dreams, which is a place to learn and dream about like New York will look in the future, and different programs designed by artists for visitors.
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National Puerto Rican Parade



Location: Fifth Avenue from 44th Street to 79th Street
Date: June 12th, 2016

The National Day Parade Puerto Rico is a cultural and vibrant show which follows a new theme each year, and since 1958 New York celebrates Puerto Rican culture attracts crowds. It is a colorful event with costumes, dancing and music with colorful floats and dancers. All ages are welcome to experience a bit of Puerto Rican culture.
Find out more here!

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NYC Bhangras Holi Hai

NYC Bhangras Holi Hai

Date: Saturday, April 30, 2016
Hours: From 11:00 am to 6:00pm

The Holi Hai Festival is celebrated at the park near  United Nations on 47th street and 2nd Avenue, this event takes place in Manhattan from noon till 6 in the evening. This festival is free open to the public and it’s filled with sweets, Indian food, dancing and opulent colors.

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The museum is located in the historic study Kaufman Astoria, facilities for movies and media which were originally established in 1920 as the production facilities of the east coast of Paramount’s.





The Museum of Modern Art known as MOMA is recognized around the world as one of the most influential modern art museums. The museum has an important collection of modern and contemporary art. You can find a different category collection as architecture and design, drawing, paints, sculptures, photography, prints, illustrated books, films and electronic media. In the exhibition you can find famous paints from Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, and others.