Italian artist succeeding in New York

Today, we are going to find out how it is to live and work in the Diamond District through the eyes of an Italian jewelry maker and designer who moved to New York.

The Diamond District is the world's largest shopping district for all sizes and shapes of diamonds and fine jewelry at tremendous prices and value. When you shop for diamonds and fine jewelry, this is the first and only place to shop- New York 's Diamond District. Over 90 percent of the diamonds that enter the country go through New York City and most of them go through the Diamond District. More than 2,600 independent businesses are located in the Diamond District, and nearly all of them are related to diamonds or fine jewelry.

Because the 47th Street merchants are located so close to where jewelry is made and where diamonds are cut and traded, the jewelers can offer you a tremendous variety of precious goods, great values and industry expertise.

Sara Greco is an Italian goldsmith, she moved to New York about a year ago. After traveling for a long time, she decided to have this experience and now she works in the Diamond District, between 47th and 48th street, right in the heart of Manhattan, just few steps away from Times Square. She immediately fell in love with the Big Apple, with its charm and contradictions.

Walking with a coffee cup in your hand in the crowded streets, following the trail of yellow cabs, listening to music in the subway, gazing the skyscrapers, feeling small compared to the surrounding grandeur: this is what is experienced by those who come to NYC for the first time. Living and working in the heart of the world, where all cultures meet, is something that cannot be explained, but it can be understood through the eyes of this young jewelry maker.


Sara Greco has been fascinated by the two diamonds at the entrance of 47th street, which mark the beginning of the Diamond District. Dreamy and intrigued, thanks to the jewelry-making skills acquired over long years of experience and to her technical knowledge, she has achieved a number of success over the years. Because of her practical skills, she was spotted by the New York-based company "P CAT CUSTOM" (located right in the Diamond District) that, after viewing her work, has fallen in love with her manual skills, her artistic sense and innovative style, which, however, always bears the imprint of the Italian goldsmith tradition. There has been an instant artistic connection, even beyond the distances and the language: art and their shared passion have created a bridge between these two realities. Through "P CAT CUSTOM", Sara has had the opportunity to start collaborations with various brands, including the New York-based company EVA FEHREN, for which they have designed and manufactured jewelry appeared on the covers of the most important magazines and worn by celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow e Cara Delevingne.

A deserved reward for Sara, after years of study in the best Italian jewelry schools and in the ancient goldsmith's shops.

The brand "SARA GRECO GIOIELLI" was born in Italy in 2012, with the first collections "Argentovivo", "Improntae", "Sognando". She has collaborated on fashion shows and with Italian theater actresses, singers and bloggers, nationally and internationally renowned; she has been mentioned in magazines and newspapers for her most recent collection "Terra degli Ulivi" (2015), in which she has expressed her love for her homeland: “Salento”. Sara has always personally taken care of the design and manufacture of her jewelry – only and always handmade – from conception to the final finishing. Here in New York, she has participated in the Exhibitions at the ARTISTS & FLEAS in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (which has exhibitions based in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Los Angeles and gathers the best of art, fashion and design interviewing and selecting artists from all over the world) and at the Shwick (based in Brooklyn and a destination recommended by the Time Out Magazine as one of the “10 must-see” in New York City!). She is continuing to work on her collections, under the influence of this wonderful and dynamic source of inspiration that is New York, melting pot of all cultures in the world, the place where no one is a stranger, where nothing is considered out of the ordinary, where the first question you are asked is: “where are you from?”, and the second one is “what can you do?”.


PH SGG DARIO PATROCINIO | Fashion model: Giulia Vedruccio


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